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Obtaining Cyprus Non-Dom Tax Status in 4 steps Save Taxes on Personal Income for 17 years

The concept of ‘Non-Domiciled,’ commonly referred to as ‘Non-Dom,’ was first introduced in Cyprus in 2015 by the Special Defence Contribution (SDC) Law. In essence, any non-Cypriot qualifying for a tax residency will automatically be granted with the Non-Dom status. The concept is attractive for companies as well as individuals that are location-independent, investors, international high-earning employees, remote freelancers and artists, as well as high net worth individuals.

0% Dividend Income Tax

Cyprus Non-Dom Tax Status

0% Interest Income Tax

Cyprus Non-Dom Tax Status

Low Rental Income Tax

Cyprus Non-Dom Tax Status

12.5% Corporate Tax

Cyprus Non-Dom Tax Status

0% Capital Income Tax

Cyprus Non-Dom Tax Status

0% Inheritance Tax

Cyprus Non-Dom Tax Status

0% Withholding Tax

Cyprus Non-Dom Tax Status

0% Gift Tax

Cyprus Non-Dom Tax Status

Non-Dom tax residents are fully exempt from SDC tax. This means that:

Dividend income received from local or foreign sources
Income tax: 0%
SDC tax: 0%
GESY Contribution: 2.65%
Interest income received from local or foreign sources
Income tax: 0%
SDC tax: 0%
GESY Contribution: 2.65%
Rental income received from local or foreign properties
Income tax:
Up to €19,5000%
€19,500 to €28,00020%
€28,000 to €36,30025%
€36,300 to €60,00030%
Over €60,00035%
SDC tax: 0%
GESY Contribution: 2.65%
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Step 2

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Become a Cyprus Non-Dom Tax Resident

Step 4

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Obtain Non-Dom Status

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Being the third largest island in the Mediterranean with a population of just over a million, Cyprus boasts a powerful history which can be traced back to over 11,000 years.

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Its strategic geographical location, blending harmoniously together with a number of other benefits of the island, has always assisted Cyprus in attracting tourists, expats, professionals and investors from all over the world. The island enjoys, among others, a pleasant tropical climate, a healthy economy, attractive tax exemptions, high standards of living, an efficient legal system, a large talent acquisition pool, an abundance of entertainment opportunities, superior infrastructure and advanced healthcare and education.


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